Lio Malca

Lio Malca is a renowned art collector, gallerist and hotelier with projects in New York (USA), Ibiza (Spain) and Tulum (Mexico). 


Malca has been collecting art fervently since the early 90s. Lio’s collection is centered around the acquisition of works that defy the established historical narratives of high art. He always intends to blur the boundaries between the academic and institutional, and the urban and popular. 

Lio was an early visionary of Basquiat's work when Basquiat was only recognized by smaller circles in the art world. Malca was also an early collector of artists such as Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf and George Condo, all iconic figures of the street art and contemporary art movements. He was a consistent supporter of their emerging art markets, and today holds an important vertical collection of Haring’s work.

Later, he began to collect work from Lowbrow artists such as Mark Ryden and Marion Peck. He has acquired works by Latin American artists, holding large vertical collections of Vik Muniz and Oscar Muñoz. Malca was one of the early supporters of these artists, and owns hundreds of works by them. Malca has also acquired works by African and European artists, such as Jacob El Hanani from Morocco and Zilvinas Kempinas from Lithuania. 

Since 2002, Malca has been collecting contemporary art from Asian artists. He has notably large and important collections by Hiroshi Sugimoto and Nobuyoshi Araki. He has also acquired important works by Keiichi Tanaami, Yue Minjun and Misake Kawai, among others.

As a collector, Malca’s artistic inclinations grow in accordance with the contemporary avant-garde. Recently, he has become interested in artists who incorporate new technology into their work, collecting works by artists such as Brody Condon, Joanie Lemercier, Marco Brambilla, and Quayola. While valuing technological developments in the art world, Malca maintains an appreciation for 20th century artists already held in high regard, such as the Italian-Mexican surrealist Pedro Friedeberg. Malca holds more than 100 works by Friedeberg in his collection.

Most recently Lio has been collecting works by young emerging artists, such as Rafa Macarron, Pedro Pedro, Genesis Belanger, JJ Manford and Eva Beresin, among others. 

Besides personal taste and enjoyment, Lio’s rationale behind collecting some of these artists in depth is to put together complete museum exhibitions that can be shown to the public. Lio believes that collecting art automatically comes with the responsibility of making artworks available for museum exhibitions, established institutions, and the public at large.

Isaac Malca

Isaac Malca is an art collector and culture enthusiast, helping emerging artists build their artist career sustainably. It all began 15 years ago, when Malca moved to New York City to attend college at NYU.

Isaac’s favorite past time back then was going to the MoMA for an entire afternoon, getting lost among the permanent collection and diving into the temporary exhibits. One day Isaac was woken up from a deep nap inside one of the dark installation rooms, letting him know the museum was closing and it was time to go home.

As he progressed in his studies, Isaac began working with Lio a few days per week, tagging along to art dinners and collector events that allowed him to understand the art world ecosystem. Lio continues to be a great mentor today.

Today, Isaac and Lio work together on a variety of art-centric projects. Isaac invests most of his time traveling around the world to art fairs and artist studios, on a mission to create the most incredible art collection of our time.

Isaac's favorite part about existing in the art world is sharing time with artists, understanding the process and inspiration behind their work.